Stylist Gayle Perry Picks Her Fave Floral Spring Dresses


Photo Credit: Suno

We asked Gayle Perry @gaylestyle to pick her favorite floral spring dresses. Gayle once worked for Donna Karan and Calvin Klein and was the director of European fashion for Conde Nast Digital.

Today she works as a personal stylist and fashion consultant known for her innate sense of style, specializing in high/low flexibility. Her clients value Perry’s keen eye for statement pieces.

We asked her to pick some favorite spring fashions as well as showcase ways florals make a statement. – Jill Brooke

She says:

  •  Don’t think of long dresses for only fancy occasions. At garden parties, or walking in the country, a long floral dress can be sophisticated, or it can be casual.
Photo Credit: MSGM
  •  Statement pieces can include details like backless or sleeves that poof.
Photo Credit:Zimmerman
Photo Credit: H&M
  • Jeans from H&M become fashionable with floral appliques.
Photo Credit: Top Shop
  • Florals can be chic in shoes, handbags and boots as well as dresses.
Photo Credit: Gucci

Here are Gayle’s suggestions for shopping spring finds:

Maymeimei Baby Floral Romper with Headband
Maymeimei Newborn Baby Girl,
Kate Kasin Girls Sleeveless Dress
Kate Kasin Girls Sleeveless Dress,


Milumia Women Floral Dress
Milumia Women Floral Dress,


Milumia Women Floral Print Dress
Milumia Women Floral Print Dress,


Big Girls Floral Printed Dress
Big Girls Floral Printed Dress,