Which Florist Does Samuel L. Jackson Call For His Wife?

By Jill Brooke

Samuel L. Jackson has achieved many records.

Sure, as The Hollywood Reporter noted, he is one of the most bankable stars on the planet with over 120 movies under his belt and over $13 billion in box office receipts from movies like “Star Wars,” “Avengers” and “Pulp Fiction.”

But one of his proudest accomplishments is having been married for over 39 years to the lovely LaTanya Richardson. They met at Moorehouse College and married in 1980. Their daughter, Zoe, is a producer.

I was with them at the premiere of M. Night Shyamalan’s thriller “Glass,” Jackson’s most recent starring role.

“What are you getting LaTanya for Valentine’s Day,” I asked.

“What I always do,” he replied. “I go to Venus et Fleur. But now I’ll have to get something in pink or red.”


Because he just got her Venus et Fleur roses for her opening night on Broadway.

La Tanya is starring as Calpurnia in Aaron Sorkin’s adaptation of “To Kill A  Mockingbird” on Broadway. (She’s fabulous in it).

“I got her a big bouquet in black and gold with her initials in it,” he said proudly. “Those suckers last a whole year.”

“They were beautiful,” said  La Tanya Richardson, smiling appreciatively.

Part of Venus et Fleur’s appeal is that their special treatment makes roses that last and last, don’t need water, still smell and look fresh, and can be customized in dazzling ways, like black and gold.

Now the question is, where does LaTanya keep all those roses from her devoted husband?

LaTanya is not only a good wife, but a smart one.

She replied, “Oh, I always find a place for them.”