About Us


Jill Brooke

Flowers are never in a rush. They bloom when they are ready.

Over my lifetime, I’ve learned many life lessons from flowers. 

Although I’ve been a CNN correspondent, an editor in chief of magazines including Travel Savvy, Avenue and Show Circuit, a columnist for the New York Post, Ad Week and Metropolitan Home, a writer for the New York Times, women’s magazines, websites ranging from Huffpo to FirstWivesWorld.com and the author of “Don’t Let Death Ruin Your Life” and “The Need to Say No,” nothing has ever felt as right as this project. 

Because at this chapter of life, you want to plant seeds of possibility and share some of your hard-won wisdom with others, as well as do what you love. 

Whenever I’ve needed a breath of beauty or a break from the ugliness of the world, flowers have been my solace. I hope this site elicits that experience for you. 

After creating this idea, I  gathered seasoned professionals who share the same passion for flowers and respect nature’s gifts and insights to help curate this happy project. 

We hope you will be patient with us since we are just seedlings now; over time this garden will grow. But every day we will present stories inspired by flowers and floral motifs, making us the first all-floral news site.


Linda Lee, Executive Editor, learned gardening from her grandmother in Minnesota. The garden was filled with hollyhocks, Irish bells, day lilies, baby’s breath, snapdragons, gladioli, zinnias, marigolds, daisies, dahlia … you know, grandmother flowers.

She graduated from Columbia University and was awarded the Shubert fellowship in playwrighting at Columbia University’s School of Performing Arts.

Linda was a book editor Farrar, Straus & Giroux, and an editor at The New York Times for 17 years where she edited the gardening column for the House & Home section. She contributed the Night Out and home entertaining columns for the Times’ Style section and wrote stories about travel, architecture, home design, business, film, pop music and food. She left The Times to start a home design, architecture and lifestyle magazine in Miami, Florida InsideOut.  She has written for Vogue, Real Simple, Cosmo, Interior Design, Wallpaper* and Elle Décor and is the author of six books.


Tere Parsons lives in Magnolia, Texas and is our talented art director. She has been an artist her whole life, enthralled with the beauty in creation. As a little girl I had an affinity for nature and flowers. I remember sitting in the grass, picking roses and eating the petals. Of course, I would love them; my middle name is Rose.

My studies in fine arts, education and advanced fundamentals of design supported my previous work as a product and fashion illustrator and continue to enhance my commercial work today. I started Tere’, my own graphic design company, in 1980.

I was blessed to be able to work from home and be with my family. Regardless of how busy I was, family was my priority. I often worked late at night after everyone was already asleep, working with the old methods and equipment that filled a garage studio before technology reduced the area of work to a desktop and mind-blowing, powerful software. It is amazing to see the changes in the industry for over 40 years!

Because of the ever-devouring concrete around us, now more than ever, we need to create and just “be,” not just “do.” Flowers and plants teach us patience. To bloom, each species takes its own precious time. They add color from the spectrum of light back into lives. Let these beautiful gifts fill us with ethereal wisdom planted deep inside our hearts.





Despite growing up in Chelsea, Massachusetts, Ace Salisbury is yet another Brooklyn-based video director. His hometown’s rusty quality would embed itself in his work aesthetic, which often glorifies urban decay – when he’s not editing footage of flowers. Ace is the creator, director, and writer of the Streamy-nominated digital series EVERYTHING’S OK (eokshow.com) and has directed short films, music videos, and cartoons.






Vanessa Smith, a Stanford University graduate who founded the Architecture Club and then earned her Masters in Anthropology from Columbia University, is a producer, writer and director.  

Smith is most proud of a BBC Correspondent piece she produced, which was instrumental in helping free a 14-year-old from prison, which helped changed Nepalese law, and which won the Amnesty International Media 2000 award for television news. 

In 2017, Smith’s installation of 94 short films –“ The Art of Impermanence,” was shown in Venice Italy as a satellite exhibit to the Venice Biennale.   The series deals with the changing nature of all things. Smith is also a painter who has had over 25 shows. For a PBS special about Georgia O’Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz, Smith’s job was to paint 100 O’Keeffes in three weeks.

For FlowerpowerwithJill, Smith will shoot photos and footage and hopes to help establish cultural/international connections, events and partnerships.

Her work can be seen at VanessaHSmithPictures.com.